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Hi, I’m Paula.

My first born has flown the coop, and rather than being desperately sad at having reached this inevitable milestone, I am overcome by excitement for him and the many, many opportunities that have greeted him and his new life…and, as it turns out, me with mine!

About Me and Coop Half Full

This is not your typical Mommy blog, because I wont be telling you how busy I am with my small children, but rather, how NOT busy I am as my nest begins to empty, and the more time I’m finding for a variety of things, like writing,  taking and sharing pictures, and preparing (and eating!) interesting, EASY meals.

I’m NOT a professional photographer, gourmet cook, or expert…on anything, really.  (though, when my husband read that I don’t proclaim to be an expert, he begged to differ!  hmmm)  I am a freelance writer and  former newspaper columnist, still regularly discovering and marveling at situations that “really should go in my column.”  I’ve searched for just the right venue where I can determine all aspects of content that amuse, interest, and motivate me to write…and so this blog was born.

I  have realized that many of my friends seem intimidated by cooking out of their comfort zone, but are interested in eating better food, now as their kids get older and they have a little more time to spend in the kitchen.  The recipes I share will often include “Switch or Ditch” tips, which will help to further alleviate some of the uncertainty around cooking meals that sound and look great “on paper” but you might not try, until you see someone with similar, limited experience (that’s me!) pave the way.

You wont “find fancy” here. I plan to share recipes that are easy to make, tips that are simple to follow, and pictures that are unique and representative of interesting, sometimes comical situations…all with a smart phone, and a mismatched set of cookware and small appliances, many dating back to wedding and shower gifts…that’s 26 years ago!

Thanks for stopping by!

Want to know more?

I do hope you’ll read some of my columns from the “olden days” when my kids WERE quite young…they’re 20 and 17 now.  You’ll find those here  (the columns…not the kids)