Invigorating Promise of Crayons…and Ibuprofen


crayons and advilLong ago as a child, and then as the parent of young children, I distinctly remember the exhilaration of opening a brand new box of crayons. Each and every untouched, sharp-tipped implement was resplendent in colourful glory, and so very full of invigorating promise. There was no limit to what would become of the combination of colours and the ensuing marvels each would surely produce.

Now as middle-aged adult, I have been revisited by that familiar feeling of promise, even more revitalizing than that which came with the crayons. Now, each object of my affection is identical to the other, with no flare, fun or variety, but still, the certain precursor of great things to come. As a middle aged adult, when I open a bottle Advil, and the certain consequent alleviation of aches and pains, give promise of my day will unravel in soon improve.

Life sure does change!


Teenage Driver

outa gasAfter our son left for university last fall, my husband and I got re-used to having full access to both our vehicles, all the time…until our 17-year-old daughter got her licence a few months ago.  Now, we’re back to sharing.

Although we’re confident in and trust her skills on the road, we really have to deal with this nasty little habit of hers.


Summer Haircut – the More Endearing Dog

before and after

People can’t stop nuzzling my dog after her haircut!  I think it’s because fewer unknown nasties are hiding in her long coat, but my daughter is certain it’s the puppy-like physique the absence of hair shows off.  Either way, it’s amusing to watch and wonder about our the new-found fussing.

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